d u a l i t y
Keep peace with your soul.

With all its shams, drudgery and broken dreams,

it is still a beautiful world. ♥


i was thinking about calling you a monster, but i didn’t want to insult the cards! 


Happy birthday Christy-chan! 

ginasaurrr said: That’s so weird but cute!!!! *o* You just leave them in and not bring them outside? xD And we don’t even have tiny lizards!!! ;~; We have little toads though and one came into my house somehow this summer, though if that counts? xD;

YOU DON’T HAVE TINY LIZARDS? I’m so sorry, this is so sad to me how can there not be tiny house lizards I thought everyone had these DDD= Haha, sometimes I try to catch them and let them out! Because I do worry they won’t have enough food/water in here, but I haven’t been able to catch the recent ones.

ginasaurrr said: Good luck with your dad coming home, and I hope he isn’t TOO annoying and that everything is at least a little better with him, too. And enjoy your cookies!!!!!

Thank you <3 We’ll see how it goes! It’s gonna be weird. ^^;; At least the cookies are very good =9

ginasaurrr said: Ouchhhhh I’m sorry about the cavities! ;~; Good luck getting them filled, dentists are the worst! Dx I finally got dental insurance so I’m gonna go to the dentist soon also & I’ll probably be in the same boat so at least we can relate? xD;

Teeth suck so much, I feel like nature could have done a much better job designing them so things don’t go so wrong with them so easily! >.< Aah, the universe is syncing us up again. We are dentist soulmates now! xD I hope you have a more successful dentist visit than me! ;~;


by 綿・・・間

pied-piper-pluto said: is a male pokemon with Cute Charm the first in your party? bc that ability increases the chance of encountering a female pokemon to 2/3 no matter what the gender ratio is

oh wow this explains a lot. xD I had my Sylveon as the first in my party because he had the lowest level and was least likely to KO the Eevees ^^;;; I wondered if that was the problem and switched him out before I saw this, but it’s good to know I was on the right track!

I still hate dentists Dx

Ended up spending two hours there because it took extra long to do my x-rays and cleaning =/ Have some cavities (no super deep ones at least) so I have to go back and fill those later this month. Now I have a headache from all the scraping and not eating lunch til 5:30 >.<

Gonna go bake cookies and exacerbate those cavities now. xD They’ve been hanging out in there for years probably, a few more weeks and some cookies won’t hurt em. u_u


u may think ur cool but
Do you have a folder decorated with yugioh characters like me???


Yeah, tell us Pharaoh.

Female Eevees are supposed to be rare??

But I’m trying to catch a male one to be an Espeon and all I’m finding are female Eevees. Like literally the last five I found were females. I guess this isn’t the worst problem to have but it’s really weird. xD And annoying because Eevees are hard enough to find without the ones I DO find being ones I don’t want right now >.<

My dad is coming home on Friday

which means this is my last day off work without him around and I have to spend it going to the dentist DDDD< okay so it’s a small part of the day but still ugh dentist Dx

My mom said maybe we’ll bake cookies later tho so that’s okay =3

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